Awarded Projects 2016-2018

I Never Read

Curator Eveline Wüthrich wants to encourage exchange beyond the borders of traditional art book fairs with her international art book fair I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel. She founded the fair in 2012 to showcase the art book in all its facets – from the elaborate book, which itself is art, to self-copied fanzines with a message. I Never Read also provides publishers from all segments with a sales platform. At its core, however, it promotes exchange in the community to strengthen and better utilize the resources from the growing network. As an exhibition series titled I Never
Read, on holiday, I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel is also present in various art spaces.


The closure of small and medium format galleries, digitalisation and the need for simplified access to art for a wider audience all call for new ideas. The Kunstdepot responds to these circumstances and offers a format that creates visibility and availability for art. It digitizes, archives, stores and manages the artworks. This also solves an urgent problem that young artists have in common: the lack of storage space for their works of art.

Tactile Audio

Many electronic music makers use self-made instruments to bring their music to the stage. As such, they have two roles: they act as interaction designers and instrumentalists. These roles are traditionally separate and require different trainings. The result is often deficient instruments, which negatively affects both the fun of playing and the performance as a whole. This is where Tactile Audio comes in: with instruments that offer full freedom in sound design, and have a well-defined interaction design, musicians are able to focus their creativity on their work. The first product, TCTL-01, is based on a multi-touch track-pad. This sensor is widely used but does not exist in the electronic instrument market. Thus, we offer a novel and innovative instrument based on a familiar gesture repertoire.

My Stay in Sainte-Croix – Language teaching aid and Hiking guides

« My stay in Sainte-Croix » is a novel combination of language teaching aids and travel guides. Written in simple French, the guide leads German, Italian and English-speaking hikers for two days through the municipality of Sainte- Croix in the Jura. The reader is encouraged to interact with the locals and can actively refresh their vocabulary through these interactions. The educational content and its attractive design have been developed hand in hand. As a result, an innovative solution was found that brings cultural, culinary and landscape features of the region closer in an interactive and authentic way. In addition to the book “ My stay in Sainte-Croix ”, more phrasebooks and hiking guides are planned by studio Monikaa ( Aline Wagner und Adriano Diethelm ) for all Swiss language regions.

Past Events

Friction Workshop (2018)

In this workshop participants were invited to envision the future of Cultural Entrepreneurship Education. What is necessary to support artists’ and designers’ ground-breaking ideas for a successful navigation through the economies? By identifying correlations between Art, Design, the Humanities and Technology, we wish to critically reflect on educational and supportive structures and their impact on future businesses. We want to connect experiences from Basel and Boston and look in and out of our own environment. Invited guests offered different opinions on how to expand infrastructures beyond boundaries of one institution to promote, teach and support Cultural Entrepreneurship. Techniques, skills and mindsets were shared that help educators, students and entrepreneurs bring the known together with the unknown.

It’s not the Economy Symposium

The symposium presents case studies and examples, brings together advocates and theoreticians and discusses future scenarios of creative entrepreneurship. The symposium is an initiative of the Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship programme at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in cooperation with the Vitra Design Museum.