Along the Rhine

Illustrated leporello books are mostly only available for children, there are hardly any comparable publications targeting adults on the book market. The selection is usually limited to hidden object books, which are particularly popular with children. With its both entertaining and informative illustrations, “Along the Rhine” combines two worlds: From the perspective of tourism, “Along the Rhine” offers new perspectives – the innovative city guide shows unique stories and information about Basel that are rarely addressed in conventional travel guides. Many site-specific information and anecdotes are often not accessible to visitors. Souvenirs such as cups, key rings or postcards cannot offer these insights. And general information from conventional travel books hardly offer this special view of the city. This is exactly where the illustrated travel guide “Along the Rhine” comes in. “Along the Rhine” is the first edition of an upcoming leporello series. Other titles such as “Along the Limmat Zürich”, “Along the Aare Bern”, “Along the Seine Paris”, “Along the Thames London”, “Along the Hangang Seoul” are being developed in collaboration with local artists, designers and illustrators.