Katja Müller

Katja Müller is a designer specializing in sportswear and outdoor apparel. After studying fashion design at ESMOD Munich, she worked for several years in the textile industry, initially as a designer at Terrathree GmbH, a start-up company and global licensee of Adidas Sailing, based in Hamburg. There she designed and developed a total of five Adidas Sailing collections in a small team and in close cooperation with adidas HQ. After two and a half year she joined the Mammut Sports Group in Switzerland where she was responsible for the segments Skiing/Boarding and Rock Climbing. At the beginning of the winter semester 2015/16 she returned to the university and is currently in the third semester studying integrative design in the Masterstudio at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design. Within the framework of this interdisciplinary study, she uses the opportunity to expand her design field and to rethink her approach. She is interested in the consumer behaviour of society and wants to investigate global as well as economic connections and processes in the development of a product. She experiments with various materials and products that have already been discarded. The aim of her work is to develop a brand that is able to produce high-quality products without wasting new resources with the help of sophisticated processes and structures.