NCCFN is a network of fashion, art and cultural workers. Multidisciplinarity characterizes their work and how they redefine the relationship between people and material.

The Global fashion industry is one of the leading causes for immense social and ecological problems. NCCFN uses fashion as a medium to deal with these problems in a practical way:

They work with the existing, with overproductions of the industry and develop methods to re-address these global products without origin.

By using these materials without origin, NCCFN finds existing references in their actual context.

The aesthetical result of their work shows a parodic way, how to get on with reality.

NCCFN works in a local global way: They believe in their multicultural composition as a tool of expanded methodology and sharing of knowledge, labour and crafts.

Their studio is located in an autonomous space in the capital of Switzerland. This gives the freedom of equality, regardless of social status.

Necessity clashes with possibility, this is the driving force for NCCFN