NEU NOW 2016

NEU | NOW #8 is a cooperation of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA). Four young talents from different artistic disciplines from academies and art schools all over Europe are presented: Internationale Gastronautische Gesellschaft (Switzerland), Isabelle Houdtzagers (Netherlands), Jak Soroka (United Kingdom), Gili Lavy (United Kingdom).


Served Content – Gastronautical Dinner-Performance
Eating creates sensual experiences, encounters, sends messages and allows influencing. In an experimental dinner, Basel’s Internationale Gastronautische Gesellschaft provides a space for discourse in which visible and hidden facets of eating can be experienced.

Last night a cowboy saved my life – theatre play
by Isabelle Houdtzagers
History repeats itself. Crisis after crisis, war after war. The individual search for love and the big question of whether the world can be changed both lead the audience to the America of the 1970s and infuse the power of storytelling by using a hollywoodesque cinematic style.