NEU NOW 2017

In its 9th edition and for the third time during Art Basel NEU | NOW shows graduates of art academies of all disciplines from Europe: mit Jaeyong Choi (Germany), Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer (Belgium) und Lana Ruellan (France).

The exhibition is dedicated to the next generation of artists and designers whose works demonstrate social relevance:
“Mass” by Jaeyong Choi consists of thousands of cable ties that join together to form an expansive cloud. An artificial structure that can be read as a metaphor for propagation and at the same time expresses how everything is connected – despite the fact that such connectedness remains untouched by authoritarian decision-makers.

Words constitute reality. But what role does fiction play here? The work “This page intentionally left blank” by Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer uses automated writing to question the performative in the process of representation, editing and interpretation.

With her “Mineral Research Laboratory”, Lana Ruellan creates – and questions at the same time – an artificial representation of natural processes: she creates minerals whose chemical properties in no way differ from natural objects, but which can be produced in a much shorter time.