Sabina Brägger

Sabina Brägger (*1989) has been an independent product designer and materials scout since January 2016. She investigates the potential of wasted production materials that remain unconsidered and leverages them for product design. It is her highest credo to guarantee quality and sustainability with her works. Her company “SABINA BRÄGGER – swiss design, products and materials” has been oppertating since she optained her masters from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in her studio near Bern. Among other materials, she works with sturgeon leather. In addition, she extensively explores the capabilities of bison wool. Materials produced by Sabina Brägger are often used in collaborations with other companies such as ochs und junior from Lucerne or Tropenhaus Frutigen. Their projects have already received several awards, including the NZZ Best Bachelor Award and the Sustainability Award of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. During her bachelor studies Sabina Brägger completed an internship at the Dutch design platform Konvex in Bern and worked for six months as an intern in Amsterdam for the design studio Ulf Moritz.