The Silk Road

Traditions and know-how in arts and crafts are passed down from generation to generation. This knowledge is our cultural heritage, which currently is at risk of being lost if it is not carefully shared. It was in this context that the idea for the video magazine “Silk Road Magazine” was born. With a broad cultural perspective, it attempts to break with stereotypes and preconceptions of cultures and countries. Whether carpentry, music tradition, lace-making, crochet-making, absinthe breweries, metalwork, silk production, jewellery production, culinary art, agriculture – future generations in Switzerland should be able to maintain a deeper perspective and a far-reaching understanding of the cultures of their diverse origins. The “Silk Road Magazine” aims to communicate cultural interaction through art and crafts between Switzerland and the East. The new video portal follows an old network of trade routes through the Eurasian regions – the Silk Road.