Umbo – shieldware with a smile

umbo is a designer cap that blocks the electrosmog. Made with a thin layer of fabric containing silver, umbo reduces more than half of the surrounding electromagnetic fields such as cell phone signals or wifi. It protects the users’ brain in saturated environments (public transport, workplaces) with style.

The name umbo comes from the convex piece of metal at the center of a shield. We believe that shieldwear is to fashion, what adblock apps, mobilization and solutions against digital dark patterns (nudging, captology) are in the attention economy.

In Switzerland there are around 300 000 people suffering from Electro Hyper Sensibility. Our customers are EHS, responsible parents of children, and fashionistas. From headache to smile. umbo’s financial model consists of partnerships with already established brands (fashion, urban, skate) for limited editions.

umbo is designed in Switzerland and produced in Europa.