Swiss Cultural Challenge

«Making society fairer calls for innovative forms of entrepreneurship. Many artists and designers struggle with this, as dealing with economic values in the development of their cultural and social capital is often perceived as contradictory. Through the Swiss Cultural Challenge, we try to show ways in which entrepreneurial thinking and a critical, socially responsible attitude can be connected and put into practice.»

Matthias Einhof Designer (Co-Founder and Director ZK/U, Mentor of the Swiss Cultural Challenge)

The Swiss Cultural Challenge is a supportive programme for creative and cultural professionals. The Challenge frames aesthetic and social questions in an entrepreneurial framework.

Young cultural entrepreneurs working in Switzerland are eligible for the programme. These include master students and alumni of art, design and music academies, who are able to consolidate economic, social and creative approaches into their projects. With the Swiss Cultural Challenge ideas or concepts of master students and alumni of art, design and music academies can be explored and contextualized in a supportive environment – through mentoring, workshops and network events. A maximum of 15 proposals will be developed into entrepreneurial viable concepts in the course of the challenge.