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    Little Farmer is a catalogue for ethic food in Switzerland.

    It references Switzerland’s restaurants, take aways and deliveries who work with sustainable / local providers, take action to reduce waste and generally generate a positive impact on local economy, social behaviour and environmental issues. The platform will be designed as a website, an app and yearly publications. Little Farmer focus on the positive impact on short supply chain, seasonal products, healthy material, regeneration of resources and the management of the waste. Information blogs will incorporate an exchange and enlighten encouraging initiatives.

    As examples you will find local farmer market’s location and schedule, the development of deposit in deliveries services, packaging for transport and storage without plastic, new design for one use product, etc… It can be used by everyone going out in a restaurant but also for your everyday lifestyle at home, at work or as a nomad. It will generate a network of ethic restaurants and sustainable providers and an exchange platform to coordinate ideas.

    To save the planet let’s become all little farmers and spread new seeds with positive actions in a fertile ground.

    “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” ― George Bernard Shaw

    NCCFN is a network of fashion, art and cultural workers. Multidisciplinarity characterizes their work and how they redefine the relationship between people and material.

    The Global fashion industry is one of the leading causes for immense social and ecological problems. NCCFN uses fashion as a medium to deal with these problems in a practical way:

    They work with the existing, with overproductions of the industry and develop methods to re-address these global products without origin.

    By using these materials without origin, NCCFN finds existing references in their actual context.

    The aesthetical result of their work shows a parodic way, how to get on with reality.

    NCCFN works in a local global way: They believe in their multicultural composition as a tool of expanded methodology and sharing of knowledge, labour and crafts.

    Their studio is located in an autonomous space in the capital of Switzerland. This gives the freedom of equality, regardless of social status.

    Necessity clashes with possibility, this is the driving force for NCCFN

    The journey started when Jacqueline Loekito moved to Basel four years ago where she wanted to understand and connect with her community. Every season she would introduced her fashion collection through show, exhibition, performance and other outlets.

    The concept of „Fashion meets Art and Performance“ is to create an interdisciplinary platform or a series of events that enables local and regional artists and designers from different disciplines to work together at Basel‘s very own creative scene.

    The focus is to have ten professional dancers performing in museum space during Art Basel. Combination of great body rhythm have them moving in total unison together filling the space. The screening will be held twice a day during Art Basel where the performance will stimulate the audience to dialogue. At the end of the performance, the audience has the opportunity for an exchange of ideas. Media representatives will ask the audience on-site and immediately after the performance for their impressions and publish them live in multimedia.

    PLANISPHERE is a creative production company that focuses on artist management, publishing and event design. Over the past five years PLANISPHERE has secured a leading position within the electronic music industry in Switzerland representing some of the most forward-thinking artists of the country.

    The social organism has changed drastically over the past years and the impact of social media on society has yet to be fully understood. However we see a big potential in using these changes to our advantage and provide event formats that serve today’s needs and reach the right audience.

    With “Curating Events” we are creating a multi sensorial experiences within the entertainment and art context. By using an interdisciplinary event design of installations and performances we’re creating objects of desire that feed into cultural and social interaction. With the holistic event experience we transpose an emotion, memory or feeling into the subconscious of the target audience.

    Project Yahyah shapes beauty with responsibility, encourages variety and hospitality and design products, that give a welcoming presence. Let us introduce Project Yahyah’s first edition to you: the interior design collection «Chair with a Table». By choosing the wood, the leather for the seat and the textile for the backrest various compositions are made possible.

    We produce regionally in collaboration with a carpenter’s workshop, a leather manufacturer and a sewing studio. The serial work sequences enable the workshops to employ and educate refugees. We take part at Swiss Cultural Challenge to reach production stage and an economically profitable production – to fulfil something vital in our society today: Product Design with a Social Commitment.

    We produced the chair in a formal asymmetric version, which creates an interesting harmony and underlines our belief that we see a benefit in collaborating with people from different cultures.

    ‘REALnTANGIBLE’ is a creative and experience support that aims to help organisations, private or public institutions to develop and foster innovation thanks to the privileged use of sensorial exploration methods and strategic design. By creating a bridge and an interplay between society, economy and design, ’REALnTANGIBLE’ helps you to reflect on your key decisions and processes by telling stories trough objects. We develop custom made propositions in the shape of tool kits, evocative objects or creative experiments to find the right language, the accurate twist to help you shift perspective. Based on the use of sensorial and haptic exploration, ‘REALnTANGIBLE’ triggers your senses and emotions to foster an effective and mind-changing innovation. Your challenges are our building blocks to create, ideate, translate and transmit new mindsets. You are co-actor of this process in which we guide and support you to make the accurate decisions for your company and our society.

    Nowadays we cross borders all the time: digitally on the internet, auditively by calling friends in other countries & physically by flying around the world to visit different places. Crossing borders is a prerequisite for comparison and as such is at the core of the «Transnational Series» (TS).

    The TS is a series of 8 split vinyl records, in which the transgression of borders is reflected in the idea of bringing musicians from different geographical, cultural & social contexts together in the physical object of a record. It confronts artists from Switzerland with others from all over the world and invites the listeners to do their own „transnational journey“. The underlying idea is to address differences & similarities in practices audibly, visually & in the form of texts. In short it’s about going beyond the surface. Instead of a focus on musicality, the „TS“ transforms the sound carrier into an integrated whole of music, graphic design, text & photography.

    umbo is a designer cap that blocks the electrosmog. Made with a thin layer of fabric containing silver, umbo reduces more than half of the surrounding electromagnetic fields such as cell phone signals or wifi. It protects the users’ brain in saturated environments (public transport, workplaces) with style.

    The name umbo comes from the convex piece of metal at the center of a shield. We believe that shieldwear is to fashion, what adblock apps, mobilization and solutions against digital dark patterns (nudging, captology) are in the attention economy.

    In Switzerland there are around 300 000 people suffering from Electro Hyper Sensibility. Our customers are EHS, responsible parents of children, and fashionistas. From headache to smile. umbo’s financial model consists of partnerships with already established brands (fashion, urban, skate) for limited editions.

    umbo is designed in Switzerland and produced in Europa.